Automatic Fabric Vizual Marking

We combine Industrial vision, Deep learning AI & Cartesian robotics to enhanse wrokers performances for fabric/paper anomalies inspection

Our AmenAir PAPR

The Powered Air Protective Respirators are in urgent need for industry & health personnel. The Covid pandemic revealed the need for AmenAir

Latest News


  • Spinner Model: Making-of (1)

    Spinner Model: Making-of (1)

    In order to share our creations, we started a production process allowing copies at 10X numbers from almost any given shape of 25x25x25cm1. The key for quality here is to avoid air bubbles. They are vering impacful, but not the only influencing factor. Here are the steps : في ڥيزمرلد  نحب صنع الأشكال ثلاثية الأبعاد…

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  • Silicone + Resine: A new competence/service for 3D shapes production

    Silicone + Resine: A new competence/service for 3D shapes production

    As we progress towards our AmenAir helmet production, we reached a level of expertise in mid-scale 3D designs creation and replication. We can now design from skratch any model, print it in high resolution then fully replicate it with high confidence using silicone molds and durable materials. As we share a passion for 3D objects…

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  • WebSummit Qatar 2024

    WebSummit Qatar 2024

    We are delighted to share that ViZmerald is accepted as one of the 8 startups from the official Tunisian delegation heading to WebSummit Qatar. We ranked in 3rd best product-based startup in Tunisia by the national jury. Our most recent solution for quality inspection and marking in textile Fabric did catch their attention as a…

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what we do

Workers Health, Production Quality

Quality Inspection in Fabric

Checking the fabric anomalies is still a challenge causing losses and waist. With ViAFaM, we provide the next generation computer vision & robotic solution that helps both Business owners and workers gain performance & effort

Respiratory Protection

A product of Covid, the AmenAir helmet filters air for workers and provides safety where respiratory protection is needed (painting, sanding, chemicals, powders, …): it offers cooling, safety & connectivity for workers

Industry 4.0 interactive experiences

We aim to combine both computer vision services & our protective helmet to provide a fully interactive wearable device suitable for 4.0 use-cases. We started early developments for connectivty an d 3D content display. This is our long term goal in ViZmerald.

About us & our Works


Community and teamwork

We impact our community & keep tight ecosystem relationships

Who We Are

We are driven by passion for product design. We have the artist inside and we aim for the highest affordable technology implementation. For that we team art, craft and tech. people.

Our ‘ViZion’

We have a strong viZion (with a Z !) to create visual emeralds. Our product and creations need to be robust and visually elegant, just a emeralds are.

Our Mission

We aim to impact and empower our surroundings ecosystem. Our mission is to democratize technology access and quality-based craft, progressively.

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