“The Dot”: A New Milestone Unlocked

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ViZmerald is happy to announce that a major milestone has been unlocked: We are now part of the startups selected by Tunisia’s number one innovation hub: “The Dot”. We have been accorded two desks within the open space dedicated to selected startups. This milestone comes as a result of our new joint venture collaboration with Proof Technologies: The Berlin-based company specialized in concept, design and prototype manufacturing. The company has been founded in 2007 by our collaborator Mr. Norman STARKE.

The innovative collaboration allows to put into good use the growing engineering skills of the ViZmerald team in IoT devices creation, including CAD design, PCB design and IA based interactive software. The collaboration with Mr. STARKE allows a better reinforcement of our products esthetics and a rise of experience in materials and fabrication processes. ViZmerald started in a home roof-top and is now in the hottest spot in Tunisia.